Night's Aegis

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LoL Comics Night's Aegis Garen Katarina ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Пак оставшихся эпизодов комикса. Перевод долго не выкладывали, всё надеялись на то, что автор закончит его, но... вынуждены сообщить, что комикс брошен...

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1 не хочу убивать тебя. ведь я должна тебе.. Но я не хочу оказывать тебе услугу снова. Бесконечные льды зовут меня. Прощай Так У что, если 1 последуешь 1за мной...] ТТ..Прощай? ) Ищешь что-то? Как он узнал!? Похоже тебе стоит пойти со мной. Мы монахи знаем, как приготовить травяное

Комиксы перевод Night's Aegis Night's Aegis [RUS] LoL Comics ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Привет всем! Я продолжаю перевод сего комикса и спешу заявить, что теперь буду каждую страницу выкладывать отдельно.

Первая часть -
Вторая часть -
ТЫ НИКАК Нб выкинешь зто ИЗ ГОЛОВЫ; ДА? ААИ УГАто. ПРОСТИ, ксин. НО ЛИГА Нб сможет ОСТАНОВИТЬ губительный клинок ТАК ПРОСТО... от этой мести ничего хорошего не будет, ни АЛЯ НОКСУСА, НИ АЛЯ лиги или других людей; ЗАМбШАННЫХ S В ЭТОМ-. Ш Ъ'гА г Я ЗНАЮ свое место: РЯДОМ с МОИМ КО- у

Night's Aegis LoL Comics ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Вот прода, а кому нужен перевод просите YanByan'a

Summoners hid dark \ secrets from the people of Valoran, I'm guessing you've heard about them
And I think there’s something big heading our way, and Katarina may hold information^oncerning it. But revenge blinds her, so I have
I thank you for your consideration but we already dealt with Noxus in

Of all the dogs in existence...
I get the fiercest
.■ Sinister Blade, |\ surrender and face justice or die where you stand.
/i don’t''* i think I
I’m sorry, I have no time for your games
The poison, right ?	.
I don’t think you understand the

Was it...?J
\[7 Yes... The^ f I Shadow Blade
It is no use to run after her for now if Zed is still around. We may fall into a trap. > Let’s just wait... She has nothing else J to do in Ionia and we already J . know her destination. I"	—l\
What are ou lookin: for, red lady ?
What lies beneath

How unexpected. What brings the Might of Demacia to Ionia ? ^^There is no celebrations yet.
i think i a know what W you’re refer- y ring to. The \ murders, by the hands of the Sinister Blade ?
My apologies.^ I wish I could have sent / word about my arrival, duchess, but \ * the things, have

Ionia is still part of this world. And as long as you refuse to look the snake in the eyes, it may bite you from behind.
However I won’t go against your will and I will leave if my presence k here is not wanted.
But your presence has no meaning in these lands.
I’m not dismissing , you. A

no matter who they are
Ive made all this way to understand what’s
V in your mind
V Sinister Blade.
Well well...
Garen Crownguard. The vanguard’s captain so called “Might ^ of Demacia”
Does your father’s disappearance justify so much blood spill ?
They would have been punished one

; game is over CrownguarcL,Night's Aegis,LoL Comics,League of Legends,Лига Легенд,фэндомы

When she came to solve the plot about Relivash along with the prince...?
I won’t kill you,
Because I > actually owe you
But I won’t repay the favour again
v,); / If you I follow
You look weakened by your fight, j
Looking for something ?
I’m not..l going anywhere for now
How does


LoL Comics Katarina Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Давненько я проду не заливал.
Magical ?
As far as we know it... or almost. finally falls apart in pieces. This phenomenon is called “rupture of the black nexus”
I’ll be honest with vou, ^
Good afternoon gentlemen
X Sheriff CaitlynJ }
Piltover breakfast isn’t really my type. Everything’s ^ too salty. J
What do you

Комиксы Katarina LoL Comics Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

И вот 30 страница комикса.
Y es, lovely	^
You can’t escape from what you are. A plant that grew in the mud. And one day the rain will press on your lovely face hard..., so hard that rol vou will sink...
Never withering. But drowning. Drowning into the mud from whence you came.
I can’t quite grasp
Just for a taste ?

Комиксы Katarina продолжение под катом LoL Comics Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Продолжение скидываемого мною комикса
A noxian su died last nigh
She had torn off a part of the scroll she has been looking for
Its hunger is infinite
Oh, I didn’t expect people to come and visit
I’m really sorry b Ryze. I should I have done some-1 thing when I saw her last J
What a night. Are you alright r

Katarina Комиксы LoL Comics Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

А вот и 26 страничка комикса
aware of the chaos you are about to unleash ? It will not only hurt
I don’t think my father had this chance
many others as well.
It’s too late now
Whatever your reasons were...
And how did he find us anyway ?
Also don’t hesitate and gimme a call if you find out anything.
I can’t wait to

Katarina Комиксы продолжение под катом LoL Comics Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Итак продолжение комикса
Anyway, I don’t have the right to access these	IVjN
Do you have ANY idea of what — you’re asking for ?
J If you ^ make an effort, I’m sure you’ll find the strength in I your heart I to break the L rnles. m t
Don’t ask questions if you care about youi goatee...
You’re not stupid,

Комиксы продолжение под катом LoL Comics Night's Aegis ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Если есть желающие перевести, вперед и с песней.
Буду выкладывать по мере выхода.
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