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 HWi' • ^ ж *ЩА \ / 1 0 ^ Ч^|Э\уг * ’ L Щ rv ^Wj£ / /"” fr\v igj É V / щж В ^ V ii ■ |JCT. ^ / E* л pr. Æp ■'■** jL, -t^SPn L *ÍJ,Darius,League of Legends,Лига Легенд,фэндомы,Lulu,Ezreal,Nami,Kayn,Miss Fortune,Graves,Leona,Ahri,the Nine-Tailed Fox,Jinx,the

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Leona ...League of Legends фэндомы 

Leona The Dark Dawn

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 Ш1Е щ ШШ Щ ЯМ ¡¡¡Р| \л^ЭИЬ jj ^ЧяНШН 7 7 i / Ц1 улЛ /,Leona,League of Legends,Лига Легенд,фэндомы,Diana

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Пока без перевода, надеюсь кто-нибудь займется переводом.

A I'm a Star Guardian I traveled across the Universe, saved many worlds... and I faced so many terrors Chaptenl: Waxies Crossroad * » At that time, I used to think light was a shelter, a safe and warm spot where to . run in times of danger The only safe place where you can hide is into

I still can't believe you can eat ■ that without being sick^ Hey girls That's one of the many powers I have over you, Pop's Don't worry Lulu, I'll go grab it for you Look what I've got for you today, Jinx! Hurrah for pizza spicy sauce making school food tasting decent!!! Successful delivery

What's wrong with her? Acting like she could spare an apology. I would lie if I'd say it's the first time she acts like this... That's my fault, I wasn't looking in front of me. I'm sorry Lulu, I know you can't eat vegetables without your sugar drink... The... special drink. This is enough! m

jAllthis is not going to impair my good mood today bec- I know I should defend you but I must admit... she has a point Don't worry I can tell you * about bullies, Lux They usually act like this with many others, smaller and most vulnerable students like ^ Lulu. But you're the only one. > ^

But look, they argue like blabbering babies. I would never have expected the First star to be desespérate enough to choose such weaklings Oh wow, I'm sure you did not even lift a finger for that trip while we were collecting the funds by our own vreweresuppo5'“ H to sett- V Remember \ when I

,\ Asa \ \JJj member of fjj the students concil, I gave my word I would help withtthe spring festival coming soon Hi f I hoped a little bit of involvment from , , you but it seems like your time is tooJ precious to be wasted. What's wrong with that girl? They first refuse to team Why would Lux

Are we good ^^yet? Have you packed all your stuff Lulu ? We shouldn't make Ahri's group wait on the first day we really have the chance to interact /ssr\ with them. Yes! Just a few seconds! Pix haven't had his daily snack yet! How many times I've told you not to feed Pix I out of your bag!? ^

Warui? What have you stolen this time?. She just saw me!,Katarina,The Sinister Blade,League of Legends,Лига Легенд,фэндомы,Sona,Maven of the Strings,Leona,Fiora,Aatrox,Jinx,the Loose Cannon,Poppy,Lulu,Janna,Lux,Ahri,the Nine-Tailed Fox,Syndra,Miss Fortune,Ezreal,Soraka,Irelia,Corki,LoL

Lulu? What's got into you? N-nothing really! I must1 be seing things...'Mistook a friend with the wrong person, Fine, but we ' should hurry. We don't want to hear Her Majesty Why do I feel so nervous? They're just leaving for a few days. Therefore, Ahri and cie will be with them... W I felt

I don't wantyou to think we don't A consideryour ^ team at all r w' And you m came to find me^I to apologize for^ k that? * is no heartíel^scorn ~ ...but real fear. Sarah and I had to *arguewithAhri to come 1 here and seek for your assistance. I guess it took her a lot of efforts to act

Ezreal is telling me Sure ! 1 Let me send a text! i that... he won't be coming at the outing with us.^ Is... is your invitation still open ? Ur This is ll rather sur I prising. But I guess Ezreal has his own 1 good reasons to let us down at the U very last ] ^ moment J| It's not a bad option

You're missing the outing because of me... and you gave mean hand with the party stuff. I feel indebted for everything you've done yet, Ezreal. M So! Are we good? i Yes! \\{ m We found almost * s?. everything for both r Janna's birthday and ~ the spring event! < / You need help to Q_ carry

Must be my imagination Haven't I told ^ jtai you before? \ \ sn m , mpi , V. «1 - > i / ' \ \Ml rW/ i\\l /«/ !■ F i 1 lr I 1,Katarina,The Sinister Blade,League of Legends,Лига Легенд,фэндомы,Sona,Maven of the Strings,Leona,Fiora,Aatrox,Jinx,the Loose

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